Monday, December 13, 2010

Sampler of Fall Colors

I pass this scene every day on my way into Fredericksburg from our place. The trees on the left change with the seasons. They are bare now, but go through so many colors from spring to fall. I like to paint them often. I wish I could take my portable easel out to try then en plein air, but I would have to either stand on the road or in some tall grasses. And who knows what might be in the tall grasses!


  1. Its a wonderful scene! Sometimes I bring a rectangle of cardboard or a small blanket to throw down on unwanted vegetation. It turns a prickly place into a comfortable spot. Just a suggestion...

  2. You must have seen the "snakes in the grass" email going around...certainly gives you pause when standing in tall grass. Beautiful scene, Sue, and I love how you have painted the foreground grasses (the ones where the snakes are hiding)!

  3. Beautifully painted! I have to say I would be hesitant to stand in the grass with the thought of snakes there. That's why I have a camera in the car! :-)