Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Boat and Red Barn

I posted this painting (or a version of it) last week. When I looked it on the blogsite, it bore little resemblance to the actual work. I so took it down and tried photographing it in many different places and lights. I hope this looks better than the last attempt. I did make a few changes to it also. It is from a photograph I took several weeks ago when we were on a canal cruise in Copenhagen.


  1. Great colors, I bet you have many wonderful photos from your trip. Hope to see many more! Been out of town so missed the first post, but this one looks good!

  2. I like it. This one does look better than the first one you posted. We were in Copenhagen in 1985 (?) and loved it. Hope you paint more scenes from your trip. I've always liked your work and you are getting better and better. -- Sara