Saturday, July 31, 2010

First Cutting

There has been just the right amount of rain for the farmers to get an early cutting of hay. It looks like there will be another one, too


  1. Welcome to the word of blogging! I'm happy to be your first follower and will mention you on my blog and send some visitors your way. Jim and both looked at this together and thought "wow" what a wonderful painting, composition, color, all works so well!

  2. I'm here via Ann, Sue. So pleased to be here too. Living out in the rural areas here in IL has had me more aware of the farmers and their fields. I didn't know that they could get in two cuttings for their hay. I'm not sure why but I always figured the hay was what they got after harvesting their crops and the fields were left to do their thing. I guess when I think about it, that is rather silly. Who wants dried corn stalks in their hay bales? LOL Here we have corn, soy beans, and sod farms that are the most prolific. Oh and wheat, which has already been harvested! I've seen some sod cuttings go already as well. In the meantime, the corn is taller than my husband! All that to say that I love the painting! I've always been a wannabe farmer!